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Recovery Options response to COVID-19


Ask an Industry Expert

Ask an Industry Expert is serviced by NDIS professional Caroline Pursell and is available on designated times below.
Caroline is an experienced Local Area Coordinator (LAC), Support Coordinator and teacher with telephone counselling experience.
Caroline can provide support on a range of issues including:

• Support Coordination
• Reasonable and Necessary NDIS supports
• The difference between self-managed, plan managed and NDIA managed plans
• How to work out if you have enough NDIS funding
• The review process and type of review required
• New NDIS rules around COVID-19
• Any other NDIS or personal issues you would like to discuss

Ask an Industry Expert is available on 0491 632 677
From  10:00am – 5:00pm Monday, Wednesday and Friday
and will be charged at half hour intervals and is exclusively for Recovery Options clients only.

Recovery Options Therapy Line

Available from Thursday 2nd April and will be serviced by our internal therapist Adrian Corr who has his Master’s in Creative Arts Therapies and works eclectically, drawing from many psychotherapeutic models. Adrian is an experienced mental health professional, having worked in various systems here and overseas with diverse populations. He was previously a Senior Clinician with Berry Street and specialises in treating trauma and its multilayered symptoms. Adrian can assist in a unique way by exploring different parts of “the self”, with the issues such as depression, anxiety, family issues, fear, loneliness and relationships to name a few. Adrian is also a qualified couples counsellor and understands the power of key attachment relationships in people’s lives.

Adrian is a powerful practitioner who has a special way about him. He is sensitive, caring and has an interest and good knowledge about herbs, alternative medicine, and psycho-spiritual practices and traditions that can all be a part of optimal mental health outcomes and the journey of recovery many of us are on.

Recovery Options therapy line will be charged from the Improved Daily Living part of your budget at the Individual counselling rate at one-hour intervals. Sessions will take place on Thursdays only. You will need to telephone the office on (03) 5900 6898 to make a time for him to call you. This service is highly recommended.

Recovery Options Shopping Runs

Recovery Options has implemented late night shopping runs on behalf of our clients who live in the Yarra Valley. During this time local supermarkets have closed their online order service. As such we will be taking orders from clients and doing shopping runs for you. Each shopping run will be charged at 2 hours off your plan plus the kilometres it takes to transport the shopping to you.


To provide a committed, personalised, recovery-oriented service with great care and detail. To serve the participant and their family as if they are our own through prevention, intervention, treatment and education.


To help create optimum transformative life-long recovery by assisting, inspiring and motivating the participant to become the best version of themselves by collaborating with family, community, employer groups and professionals who share the same focussed determination utilising evidence-based approaches, holistic healing modalities and innovative alternative therapies until successful outcomes are achieved as measured by the full satisfaction of the participant and their family.


At Recovery Options we value Integrity, Care, Positivity, Proficiency, Empowerment, Education, Inclusion, Respect, Trust, Choice and Control.

Who we are

Recovery Options is a boutique registered NDIS provider, set up to bridge the gap between large style corporate organisations and those wanting a more personalised service, with a main focus on providing psycho-social services to people withRead More »

Support Coordination

Recovery Options can provide support coordination that will bring an NDIS plan to life. The support coordinator will listen to you and understand your needs, ultimately saving you time and effort. The support coordinator will make the phone callsRead More »

Accessing the community

Recovery Options can help you to access a range of community, social and recreational activities. Our home care services aim to enhance community inclusion through activities like support to attend sporting events or play in a sporting teamRead More »

Personal care and assistance with daily living

Recovery Options can assist you with a range of personal care and everyday tasks, such as showering and dressing, meal planning and preparation, shopping, and house and yard work. Our focus is on enabling you to maximise your independence.Read More »

Domestic Assistance

Recovery Options home care services extend to a range of support options for around the home. These include, but are not limited to: cleaning, mowing, garden maintenance and other essential work that you are unable to complete yourself.Read More »

Therapeutic and Specialist Groups

Recovery Options has access to an experienced team ready to provide a range of therapeutic supports to assist you with functional improvement wherever possible, and to create a regime to either maintain your current level of functioningRead More »

We work with:

– Counsellors
– Occupational Therapists
– Physiotherapist
– Psychologists
– Podiatrists
– Exercise PhysiologistsRead More »

How Recovery Options Understands Disability

One in five Australians has a disability. These Australians often face challenges that regular Australians don’t face due to impairment from birth, or disability acquired through illness, accident or the ageing process. These include cognitive impairments, as well as physical, sensory and psychosocial disabilities.

The Australian Government and disability services organisations such as Recovery Options are committed to helping these Australians to reach their full potential to participate equally in society without discrimination.

Recovery Options uses trained staff to assist people with disabilities to address poor health, lower
levels of participation in education, training and employment, and social exclusion. It recognises that equal participation will enrich the lives of all Australians and works toward those goals in line with the United Nations Convention on Rights of Persons with a Disability, and the National Disability Strategy 2010-2020 to promote a fully inclusive Australian society.

Recovery Options understands that every disability is unique and requires a tailored approach to addressing specific needs, priorities and personal circumstances, and that some people suffer
multiple disadvantages. It also recognises that it is often community attitudes of stigma and societal structures that are more disabling than the disability itself. Recovery Options works towards eliminating those barriers through education, advocacy and the promotion of social inclusion and economic participation, to help rebuild self-esteem that is diminished through isolation, discrimination and limited opportunities.

Recovery Options helps the individual to achieve their full potential by including them in a welcoming, warm and respectful process of collaboration between professionals, community and government within the context of their own choice and control.

Recovery Options looks forward to meeting with you and your family and developing long term partnerships and relationships.

Russell Bosnjakovic
Managing Director