Clients Rights

Client Rights and Responsibilities Policy and Procedure

Policy CodeCSP002.02
Person ResponsibleDirector
Status (Draft/Released)Released
Date Last Updated17 May 2023

1.0 Purpose and Scope

The purpose of this policy and procedure is to confirm Recovery Options’ commitment to clients’ rights. 

This policy and procedure applies to the Director, staff, students, contractors and volunteers and all potential and existing clients, their family members and other supporters.

2.0 Policy

Recovery Options respects and fully commits to upholding the rights of all people, including those with disabilities.

Recovery Options is committed to ensuring its clients are made aware of their rights and responsibilities and supported to exercise them. 

Recovery Options acknowledges that people with disability have the same human rights as other members of the community and that the community has a responsibility to facilitate the exercise of those rights. 

3.0 Procedure

Statement of Rights

Clients have the right to:

fair treatment – regardless of gender, religion, disability, cultural and linguistic background or age.

honesty, respect, dignity and a regard for privacy and individuality.

information and support to access services in the community. 

to be an active partner in the services provided.

make informed decisions and choices about the services they receive.

a safe, secure and comfortable environment whilst using the service.

quality services, appropriate to their needs and age.

support that takes into account lifestyle and cultural differences

pursue a grievance about the service and to have that grievance resolved in a timely and appropriate manner.

have a support person/advocate/ally of their choice to represent them in matters relating to their support.

Statement of Responsibilities

Clients have a responsibility to:

respect other people’s rights to a safe, secure and comfortable environment.

treat other clients, staff and volunteers with fairness, honesty and respect.

respect other people’s rights to privacy and confidentiality.

follow the programs’ policies and procedures as they relate to clients and access to support. 

If you feel your rights are violated

You can:

Speak directly to a staff member, or send them an email:

Phone: 03 59006898


Complain to the NDIS Commission by phone on 1800 035 544: 

Complain to the Victorian DFFH:

by email to

by phone on  1300 650 172 (cost of a local call) 

by post to

Complaints, GPO Box 4057, Melbourne, Victoria 3000

Complain to the Disability Services Commissioner:

online at

by phone on 1800 677 342 (free call)

TTY service for people with hearing or speech difficulties: 1300 726 563

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